About BeoPlay

B&O PLAY delivers stand-alone products with clear and simple operations - portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences.

We want to evoke senses, to elevate the experience of listening and watching. We have spoken to musicians and studio recorders who all love the fact that more people listen to music in more places, but hate the fact that the quality of the listening experience has been eroded. We want to provide the opportunity to experience media in a convenient and easy way but still in outstanding high quality.

Our Heritage

Firmly grounded in our 90 year history in Bang & Olufsen, we interpret the same core values for a new type of contemporary products:


We seek design that matters. Design that naturally makes our products express how they want to be used. To us, design is not just the beautiful shape we wrap our technology in. Our design approach flows through all aspects of product development – from crystalizing the fundamental user needs in early concept development through the engineering phases. This allows us to deliver products where we never compromise on the basic product idea.


We deliver best sound and acoustic performance in our class of products – natural and balanced to best reproduce the emotions that the artist wanted to convey.


We adapt technology to fit human needs, not the other way around.


We are always honest in our material choices and pay attention to every detail in the design and assembly.

Play means many things

People of all cultures know what PLAY means. We’ve all done it as kids.

ut there are more nuances to the word...

  • PLAY is activation
  • PLAY is the ON button
  • PLAY is about playing a part in something bigger than yourself
  • PLAY is possible because the world is a playground
  • PLAY is being spontaneous when you play it by ear
  • PLAY is about playing with different meanings
  • PLAY is sporty when you play the game
  • PLAY is risk-taking, when you play with fire
  • PLAY is playing with new combinations to make something magical
  • PLAY is writing your own life’s story as a playwright
  • PLAY is for everyone, the young and the young at heart

To us, PLAY means curiosity, positiveness and energy. We believe PLAY precedes any real progress.
...and PLAY is also what you reward yourself with after hard work.

Marrying the values of PLAY with the substance, quality and luxury of Bang & Olufsen characterizes what we stand for:

Bang & Olufsen + PLAY = B&O PLAY